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ABN AMRO Pensioenfonds
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The ABN AMRO scheme - full name: Pensioenfonds ABN AMRO Bank N.V. - is a corporate pension scheme and endeavours to realise a cost efficient, good quality pension result for its 99,880 participants. The pension fund strives for an inflation-proof pension result through a sensible policy and solid risk management, however, results are not guaranteed. As of 12 June 2014 the scheme qualifies as a so-called 'Collective Defined Contribution' scheme, meaning that the sponsor company's premium contributions are fixed and there is no obligation for the sponsor to make additional payments in case of a funding gap. The AUM amounts to € 34.73 billion (Q4 2020).

AUM as reported in quarterly statements and other reports may differ from AUM values reported by Pension Pro Insights (AUM in € x 1.000 and Key Figures) due to methodological differences. Pension Pro Insights reports market value (real value) of assets as stated in annual reports.


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