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Algemeen Pensioenfonds Stap
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Algemeen Pensioen Fonds Stap is the first so-called General Pension Fund (APF) of the Netherlands, founded in June 2016 by TKP and Aegon. Stap implements several pension schemes in several so-called Collective Circles. They have a separate capacity and their own financial set-up. The name that Stap uses for Collective circles is Pension circles. Step has two different types of circles: Single-client and Multi-client. The AUM amounts to € 6.48 billion (2019).


AUM as reported in quarterly statements and other reports may differ from AUM values reported by Pension Pro Insights (AUM in € x 1.000 and Key Figures) due to methodological differences. Pension Pro Insights reports market value (real value) of assets as stated in annual reports.



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