Fidelity Analyst Survey 2022 - Mind the roadblocks
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Titel Fidelity Analyst Survey 2022 - Mind the roadblocks
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Publicatiedatum 23-02-2022


Analyst Survey 2022
Macro economists aren't the only ones to weigh in on what the months ahead have in store, our company analysts also have a view. The annual Analyst Survey, of which this is the 12th, reveals this by distilling the results of 16,000 meetings held over the previous 12 months into a snapshot of the hopes, fears, and expectations that executives have for 2022, providing a unique insight into the year ahead.

The mood this year is a relatively upbeat one, albeit tempered with several notes of caution. Speedy vaccine rollouts are restoring business confidence following almost two years of disruption from the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this optimism may be tested by macro roadblocks, particularly in the form of geopolitical tensions and rising interest rates.